What is Monterossi about – the series

Amazon Original announces new content: what is it about and when is Monterossi  - the series coming to the Prime Video platform

Monterossi is the new television series based on the novels by Alessandro Robecchi and is preparing to debut on Amazon Prime Video with an exceptional protagonist: Fabrizio Bentivoglio. Carlo Monterossi is the main character, a man who finds himself a detective by chance and must find out who wants to kill him.

The main character Monterossi works in television as an author and can be described as an ironic successful unhappy. A normal and placid existence until someone rings at his door and attempts to kill him. Accompanied by his young helpers, he begins to investigate who wants him dead. The six-episode television series is part of the Amazon Original catalog and was written by Alessandro Robecchi, author of the novel from which it is based, Roan Johnson, who is also director, and Davide Lentieri. In addition to Fabrizio Bentivoglio, who plays the protagonist, we find the special participation of Michele Bravi and Carla Signoris. All that remains is to wait for the arrival on Prime Video, set for the beginning of 2022, to see the new investigative series.

Monterossi - the series: the plot

Carlo Monterossi is a TV author of discreet fame who, one evening like many others in his home in Milan, is sipping whiskey until they ring the bell at his door. The man goes to open the door, but instead of the delivery man, he finds himself in front of a killer armed with a gun ready to kill him.

But as chance would have it, Monterossi saves himself from the attack and begins to investigate who wants him dead, while he finds himself taking stock of his life: from his love for a woman who has now left him to his work and his crises of conscience.

Moved by a desire for justice and helped by young Nadia and Oscar, borrowed from the world of TV, he begins working with the police to find out who is trying to kill him. This detective by chance, who lives poised between ironic indolence and poignant blues, will find the two professional killers and will have to face them, fighting also with a cruel past that returns and numerous characters along the way.

Monterossi - the series: the cast

The protagonist is the actor Fabrizio Bentivoglio, who plays Carlo Monterossi himself. In the cast together with him there are Diego Ribon, Donatella Finocchiaro, Martina Sammarco, Luca Nucera, Tommaso Ragno, Bedl├╣ Cerchiai, Beatrice Schiros, Marina Occhionero, Maurizio Lombardi, Gabriele Falsetta, Ilir Jacellari

Among the actors we also find the participation of Maria Paiato, Michele Bravi and Carla Signoris. The direction is entrusted to Roan Johnson, who is also among the screenwriters together with Robecchi and Davide Lentieri, for the television series based on the novels published by Sellerio. The production instead is Palomar for the Amazon Original catalog.

Monterossi - the series: when and where to see it

The six episodes of the Amazon Original series based on the novels by Alessandro Robecchi, published by Sellerio, will be available exclusively on Prime Video from January 17, 2022.

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