Cleaning company: why have a website

To be easily found online has become essential and does not concern only professionals and technology companies. Even those who have a cleaning company can expand its customer base by increasing its online presence, for example, with a dedicated website that tells its business. A site consisting of a few pages, where you describe your … Read more

How to use Amazon Alexa with Windows 10

On Windows 10, you can use the Alexa assistant by installing the appropriate app from the Microsoft Store. Here’s how to do it Maybe you don’t know, but you can use the Amazon Alexa digital assistant on your Windows 10 PC, even if you don’t have an Amazon Echo. All it takes is an app … Read more

Debug USB, how to use the tool to program

If you want to develop an application for Android you’ll need to install Debug USB, a tool that will give you access to advanced functions. For an advanced communication with our device there is a special mode, it is the Debug USB option. You only have to connect it to the PC to use programs … Read more

How to optimize your enterprise cybersecurity strategy

Companies should move to active analytics solutions, such as Threat Hunting, an advanced detection technique Cybersecurity and businesses: the level of protection continues to be insufficient. The number of breaches targeting businesses continues to grow and is not likely to decrease in the next few years, at least, because businesses are a reservoir of a … Read more