ITunes, strange error messages appear on iPads and iPhones

Some users are reporting an error message when trying to open third-party apps on their iPhones and iPads Users scattered a bit around the world are gradually reporting a strange bug that plagues iPhones and iPads after installing the new iOS13 or iPadOS operating system. The bug seems to occur when opening a third-party application, … Read more

That’s why we hate our voice in recordings

The voice in recordings is indeed different: but the disorientation also has psychological roots: because we can’t stand our recorded voice. If you’ve ever experienced that you can’t stand your voice in recordings, perhaps after listening to it again in a voice sent in chat, well there’s absolutely nothing strange about that. Most people feel … Read more

New 27-inch iMac 2022: it’s already in production

Apple’s 27-inch iMac may soon see the light of day. According to DigiTimes, production and shipments of the individual components that will make it up have already started After the presentation last April of the new 24-inch iMac, the renewal of Apple’s range of computers continues, which wants to gradually abandon Intel chips and use … Read more

The best alternatives to Google Photos

Google Photos, end of the fun: from June goodbye to unlimited uploading of photos and videos. But don’t worry, there are alternatives: here they are Some have managed to stay calm, others have panicked. Generally among the latter are those who over the years have made massive use of the free storage space made available … Read more

Iliad, what they are and how to use the secret codes

To activate special features or to change some settings of the voicemail you need to know some secret codes: here’s what they are In recent months we have learned to know very well Iliad, the fourth Italian telephone operator that in a short time has managed to win the trust of consumers thanks to a … Read more