WhatsApp, security problem: do not download videos and audio files

WhatsApp is not safe: discovered vulnerability that allows a hacker to take control of a smartphone using an audio or video file If you receive an MP4 file (video or audio) on WhatsApp, do not download it, it could hide malicious code (virus or malware) able to take control of the smartphone. The confirmation comes … Read more

104 dangerous apps to delete from your Android smartphone: what are they

White Ops Threat Intelligence researchers have discovered 104 apps infected with the Soraka virus: here’s what you risk and how to defend yourself Hackers never rest, not even during the holiday season. The cybersecurity experts at White Ops Threat Intelligence have discovered a new Android virus that has affected 104 apps on the Google Play … Read more

Android Auto available on new cars: which models

Android Auto wireless has also been released for some BMW models. Here’s what they are and how it works Android Auto wireless finally arrives on some BMW models. The news was announced by the colleagues of Android Police, where by chance a member of the editorial staff, after taking the car to an authorized garage, … Read more

Realme GT: the top of the range smartphone that costs half

This smartphone is based on the best processor on the market, but it costs half ¬†Luca Viscardi ¬†Technology divulger and blogger Radio host, blogger and writer. For years engaged in the dissemination of digital culture, he is founder and chief editor of MisterGadget.Tech For those who today must buy a smartphone and want high performance, … Read more