6 secret tricks to defend personal data on Windows 10

With over 400 million active machines in less than 18 months of life, Windows 10 can already be considered one of the top three operating systems in the world. Among the reasons that have slowed down many users to make the transition to the new operating system (free in the first year of life of … Read more

ATMs under attack, all it takes is a USB stick to steal money

New virus alert regarding ATMs. Experts at Kaspersky have noticed a spike in ATM infections, which are starting to “spit out” money on command Why go to all the trouble to program a virus that steals users’ online bank account login credentials, and then set up a phishing campaign to convey it, if you can … Read more

How to choose the battery of the electric scooter

What are the peculiarities of the battery of the electric scooter, which is better to choose between the two types, how long does the recharge and how to replace it. A new fashion increasingly popular in Italian cities is to move, especially in the center, with electric scooters. These eco-sustainable and smart means of transport … Read more

How to watch the Spanish La Liga 2018-2019 live streaming

On August 17, the Spanish La Liga starts: for the first time, all matches will be streamed live by DAZN. Here’s how it works It will be Girona – Valladolid to inaugurate the 2018-2019 season of the Spanish La Liga. The Spanish league restarts on August 17 and for the first time Italian fans will … Read more

8 mistakes to avoid when taking photos with your smartphone

Taking quality photos with your smartphone is not easy and it’s easy to fall into trivial mistakes. Here are some tips to follow to take perfect pictures Smartphone photos are becoming more and more fashionable, there are even dedicated contests. Not to mention the social networks (Instagram above all) that allow photo enthusiasts to earn … Read more

The Italy Cashless website is online: Cashback and lottery have no more secrets

The Government clarifies almost everything about Cashback, Christmas Extra Cashback, Super Cashback and the Scontrini Lottery The Italia Cashless Plan, which includes Christmas Cashback, Cashback 2021, Super Cashback and the Scontrini Lottery, now has a dedicated website where citizens can find all the necessary information: it is cashlessitalia.it, was registered on October 26 by the … Read more

Offerte solo Internet casa: le migliori connessioni senza telefono

Pagare il canone telefonico in concomitanza all’attivazione di un’offerta Internet casa era, fino a qualche tempo fa, un obbligo. Le offerte solo Internet casa senza telefono, ricercatissime un tempo, sono state sostituite dalle soluzioni di tipo all inclusive. Di cosa si tratta? Di tariffe che permettono di avere accesso al contempo a una connessione a … Read more