Battery problems for new MacBook Pro with touch bar

An anomaly would shorten the normal charging cycle of the new Apple computers. The causes of the defect are still shrouded in mystery

Another new headache for Apple. And once again to end up in the dock is the battery. This time not of the iPhone, but of the Macbook Pro with touch bar, the new computer launched just a few weeks ago by the Californian company.

Many users, in fact, are reporting on the official Apple forum and on Reddit the problem. The battery charge of the devices, according to complaints from Apple customers, would not reach the promised standards. In other words, the computer would drain quickly and anyway long before the fateful 10 hours of autonomy calculated by the Californian company. "I have just received my new MacBook Pro 15'' - writes a user on the forum - "the battery life is very bad". At the moment it is not known whether the causes of the problem are software or hardware. According to some more experienced users, the defect could be caused by the Radeon graphics card.

Battery, widespread problem for Apple devices

There are many factors that can consume the battery faster. An application, a hardware error, a massive use of the computer are three of the main causes. What is surprising is the frequency with which this kind of anomalies occur on Apple devices. A few days ago, in fact, users started recording battery defects on iPhones after the latest update to iOS 10.1.1. Such a situation is therefore likely to seriously damage the Apple brand. One of the main strengths of the Californian company is the reliability of its devices.