Best Telegram Channels

Telegram channels are a great source for news and useful information on a wide variety of topics. Here are some channels worth following

Of the many features that have convinced tens of millions of users around the world to use it, Telegram Groups, Supergroups and Channels are certainly one of the main ones. These communication systems allow you to get in direct contact with thousands of users around the world and exchange messages, photos, videos, voice notes, large files and anything else that can travel on the messaging platform created by Pavel Durov.

Channels, then, represent a unicuum in the panorama of instant messaging apps. In simple terms, these are groups in which only the creator (and the editors chosen by him) can send messages, while all the other users can at most read what has been sent, without the possibility of commenting, replying or starting conversations themselves. In short, tools to send communications in a unilateral way, much more useful than you can imagine.

For some time now, Telegram channels are used to send information of all kinds: from daily news to offers on Amazon, from discount codes to information on events and social appointments. In short, if used wisely and intelligently, the channels are very powerful means of communication, thanks to which you can get in touch with authoritative sources and find useful information in various fields.

How to enter Telegram channels

There are several methods to enter inside a Telegram channel. The first is through the platform's internal search engine: click on the magnifying glass icon at the top of the screen, enter a search key and, once you find the channel that interests you, click on it. When you're inside, press the "Join" button and you'll be one of the channel members. Alternatively, you can join a channel in case you find its link on the web (a simple Google search should help you) or some of your contacts send it to you.

Best Telegram news channels

As mentioned, Telegram channels are mainly used to receive news and updates on topics that interest us. Most of the Italian newspapers and information portals have their own channel through which they can directly reach the most loyal readers. Some examples? Ansa, Repubblica and La Stampa have their own channels, as do La Gazzetta dello Sport, Corriere dello Sport and Serie A soccer.

Best music Telegram channels

The Telegram channels, however, can also be excellent sources for receiving the latest news about your favorite bands or to "find" royalty-free music to use, for example, when editing videos to be published on YouTube. Even in this case, there are dozens of different channels to choose from: by subscribing to MTV you will receive information, news and trivia from the world of pop music and beyond; Musicale, on the other hand, is the perfect channel if you want to stay up to date on Italian music; CCtracks, on the other hand, will send you various tracks every day that are royalty-free and can be freely used in any project.

Best Telegram cooking channels

Are you passionate about cooking but always running out of ideas? Just subscribe to the most suitable Telegram channel to discover new recipes all the time. Giallozafferano, RicetteWeb and PrimoCHEF are three of the best channels dedicated to cooking: every day you will discover dozens of delicious and easy-to-make recipes: all you have to do is buy the ingredients from the list and follow the instructions to prepare dreamy meals.