Beware of compatible Apple cables: they’re dangerous to humans

A study showed that out of 400 devices purchased, 397 were found to be potentially fatal. The items can give electrical shocks

It's common knowledge that Apple doesn't cut corners when it comes to price. Compared to the competition, the Californian company's products cost so much more that a number of people rely on cheaper alternatives.

In some cases, however, it's advisable to spend a few euros more to avoid putting your life at risk, as confirmed by a survey conducted by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, a British consumer protection group. The organization purchased and tested 400 Apple-compatible accessories. As many as 397 were found to be extremely dangerous. The counterfeit items failed the normal and basic safety tests. According to this study, the chargers, which were bought in 8 countries, can cause death by electric shock. A disturbing result that should give us pause for thought.

Counterfeit cords could cause devices to explode

Apple a few months ago took action against the sale on Amazon of fake accessories, presented as genuine Apple products. The incriminated items were sold by Mobile Star LLC towards which Apple has filed a million dollar lawsuit. According to the Cupertino company, 90% of the devices sold by Mobile Star were counterfeit and potentially dangerous for users. A damage therefore economic but above all of image for the Californian company. Apple has asked for a compensation of 2 million dollars for each category of products sold and their destruction.

It is therefore good to be careful when buying products powered by electricity. It is better to spend an extra ten euros than to buy items that are dangerous to our safety. In addition, these devices can also damage computers and explode smartphone batteries, as in the case of the USB Type-C cable bought by Benson Leung, a Google engineer. The cheap device burned up his $1,500 Chrome Book Pixel.