Robot mason builds houses three times faster than humans

His name is Sam and he's a robot who specializes in creating walls, he can accurately stack 800 to 1,200 bricks in a single workday

Sam is one of the best bricklayers you can hire. Compared to his other colleagues, he can work three times as fast. There is only one "problem", Sam is a robot. Or rather, he is a real machine that specializes in building walls.

Thanks to a precision mechanical arm and a motor that continuously produces cement Sam in a single day of work can stack to perfection between 800 and 1,200 bricks. Not bad, especially when compared to the average human, which ranges from 300 to 500 bricks in a workday. To accomplish his task, Sam slides one brick at a time onto his mechanical arm, at which point he adds lime and then begins to build the wall. However, Sam doesn't want to take the work away from his human colleagues, on the contrary if he is assisted by a team of bricklayers he can make even more and can be driven even more efficiently.

In team with humans

In addition to loading materials the team of human assistants is useful for finishing details, such as removing excess cement. Cement that can also be recovered to avoid waste. Or to better level the wall. This will decrease the fatigue of Sam's human colleagues and above all speed up the work substantially. Sam was designed by the company Construction Robotics and given his abilities the starting cost is not affordable for everyone. To have Sam on the construction site requires about half a million dollars. Technological developments, however, could soon lead to further improvements and a general lowering of costs.

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