Come rendere impermeabile lo smartphone con meno di 10 euro

Basta veramente poco per proteggere lo smartphone da acqua, polvere, sabbia e neve: non c'è più bisogno di lasciarlo a casa o in borsa quando siamo al mare.


Giuseppe Croce Giornalista

Peppe Croce, giornalista dal 2008, si occupa di device elettronici e nuove tecnologie applicate al mondo automotive. È entrato in Libero Tecnologia nel 2018.

Alzi la mano chi lascia lo smartphone a casa quando va in spiaggia, per proteggerlo dall’acqua del mare e dalla sabbia. Nessuno? No, nessuno o quasi perché anche se lo smartphone è un top di gamma da oltre mille euro alla fine ce lo portiamo sempre dietro. Otherwise how can we take pictures?

The risk of scratching or water damage, however, is serious: all modern smartphones resist fairly well to water splashes, a little 'less abrasion due to the sand, but there are very few IP68 certified (which really resist, that is, to dust and immersion). The solution to the problem there is and they are waterproof cases for smartphones. Simple but brilliant idea: a transparent and water-proof case that encloses and protects our smartphone even if we take it with us for a swim. The only limitation, acceptable, is that with this type of case does not work unlocking the phone with your fingerprint: just disable it before inserting it in the case, then we can unlock it with your PIN. Another good news: these cases cost very little and, today, there is a very attractive offer to take home two for less than ten euros.

Wowteez waterproof case: features

The case in question is that of Wowteez, the best-selling on Amazon among the waterproof cases for smartphones. It is IPX8 certified, so it resists water up to about 30 meters deep, and can accommodate smartphones with screens up to 7 inches.

Protects the phone from water, dust, sand and snow and does not compromise the use of the touch screen. Of course, it filters the screen image a bit, making it a little less bright, but that's a minor problem compared to the benefits it offers. It opens and closes very easily but, and this is the only real recommendation needed, it is important to be careful not to close dirt, sand or dust in it along with the smartphone. Otherwise, you will damage the phone.

Wowteez waterproof case: the Amazon offer

The product is simple and effective, but it is not made of noble materials (and there would be no reason for that, after all). As a result, the Wowteez waterproof case for smartphones has a list price of just 9.99 euros for two copies.

The current offer is even better: just 7.69 euros for two cases.