Eight ways to share files online

To share files online with friends and co-workers just use one of the many services on the Net: WhatsApp, Dropcanvas and many others

It is true that there are more emblazoned file-sharing services such as Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox. But not all users know and use them, and often, they don't offer enough space to share large files. There are other tools that are immediate: the recipient only has to download a file from the web via a link that he receives via email.

There are many online, you just have to choose the service to share files online that best suits your needs.

There are so many online, you just have to choose the online file sharing service that best suits your needs.

In most cases you don't need any registration, you just need to upload the document(s) to be sent, enter the email address of the sender and the recipient, type in any message and enable some useful options such as notification that the sending was successful, or that the person has downloaded the file. They are also perfect services when the recipient's email doesn't have enough space to accommodate your files.


It is perhaps the most widely used service, at least in Italy, for exchanging files, especially large ones that often go beyond the capacity of an email box. WeTransfer allows you to send files of up to 2GB in size, via email, to anyone. The first impact with the service are the beautiful full-screen backgrounds, even animated that, as the company points out, some are advertising. There is no need to register, but it is sufficient to enter the email of the recipient, that of the sender, add the file - even dragging it into the appropriate window - add any comment, and press the Transfer button. The file is uploaded, the recipient receives a link from which to download the file and the sender is notified that the operation was successful: the file will be available for download for a week. If 2GB isn't enough, you can subscribe to the Plus version - for a month or a year - for 12 or 120 euros respectively and you'll have the ability to send files up to 20GB and 100GB of storage space.


The interface is more spartan than WeTransfer, but just as efficient. Dropcanvas gives you various options both free and paid. The free ones are two: no registration and the ability to send multiple files at once up to 1GB per day and the maximum download within 6 hours, or with free registration that brings the daily limit to 5GB and the maximum time to download the file to 7 days. The operation is the same in both cases: you drag the file to the site, or use the Upload button: the file is uploaded and you are provided with a link. Press Send to send it via email to the specified address with a note if any, although you must fill in a Captcha (for security) before clicking Send Email. If you choose Embed, you'll be provided with code to post your content on social or a website. Dropcanvas also offers you three paid monthly options: 20 GB ($3.99), 50 GB ($7.99) and 100 GB ($9.99).


It used to be called Pastelink and the service, with the name change, has become even more generous. SendTransfer puts 10GB at your disposal, even adding multiple files conveniently with a simple drag&drop. You can set the amount of time the recipient has to download the file: from 1 to 14 days. The rest of the operation is practically always the same: add the email of the recipient - even more than one - your email address, a possible message and, if you activate the option Add Your Email & Notify Upon Download, the service will notify you if the file has been downloaded. Then all you have to do is press the Send button.


The free service, without the need to register, offers you the possibility to send files up to 5GB in size and have them downloaded to the recipient within a week. The process does not differ from the other online tools selected so far. JumboMail, however, allows the recipient of the file to send a comment to the sender. JumboMail Pro offers you the possibility to send files up to 20GB at a cost of 11€ per month and 110€ per year respectively.


MailBigFile allows you to send, without monthly limitations and without registration request, files not exceeding 2GB. You can send up to 5 files at a time by dragging and dropping them into the box provided. Then add the usual information: recipient's and sender's email plus a message, if any. At the end press Send File. MailBigFile also offers paid solutions: Pro at €22 per year (4GB for sending + 1GB of storage), Business Lite at €90 per year (5GB for sending + 3GB of storage) and Business at €180 per year (20GB for sending + 10GB of storage).


A more than generous service: 20GB, without registration and with the possibility of downloading the file within 2 days. The data to be entered are always the same: e-mail address of the recipient and the sender. Also MyAirBridge provides monthly payment solutions: BASIC plan at 1.99€ (50GB for sending + 100GB of storage), PRO plan at 9.99€ (70GB for sending + 1TB of storage) and ENTERPRISE plan at 59.99€ (100GB for sending + 5TB of storage). A great service as far as quality/price is concerned.


If MyAirBridge is very generous, FileConvoy doesn't put limits on the size of files you can send. You can send multiple files at once, enter the usual information (sender and recipient address, plus a comment) and turn on the option to be notified if the file, or files, have been successfully sent and downloaded. In addition, files can be archived for up to 21 days waiting for downloading before being removed.


Five GB free for sending files, no registration needed and offers up to a month (30 days) of archiving time to allow the recipient to download what you have sent him at their leisure. Il servizio ti propone anche la possibilità di condividere il contenuto da scaricare su Facebook, Twitter e Google+ in un clic. Anche UploadFiles non fa eccezione e prevede delle sue soluzioni più professionali: Pro a 5 $ al mese o 55 $ (10GB per l’invio e 50GB di storage) e Business a 19$ al mese o 209 $ (50GB per l’invio e 250GB di storage)

Altri servizi da provare

Se avete tempo e voglia, ecco altri servizi che potete provare per l’invio E la condivisione gratuito di file:

  • DropSend
  • Files To Friends
  • ZipShare
  • SecurelySend
  • Snaggy
  • reep.io
  • Droplr
  • JustBeamIt
  • FileDropper
  • Jumpshare
  • Hightail
  • SendSpace