Facebook Events, the app to find out what’s going on nearby

At the moment only available in the United States, it may soon arrive in the rest of the world. Unlike Messenger, Facebook will not force you to download it

Of the "accessory" features, it is probably one of the most used, but at the same time also one of the most underrated. Facebook Events, on the other hand, can count on an audience of 650 million users, of which 100 million are active monthly.

A reputation that has convinced the engineers and developers of the famous social network to create a standalone app available, at the moment, for the iOS platform in the United States only (soon, however, the version for Android should also be released). In this way, users will be able to discover the various events, demonstrations, concerts, theater performances (and more) in their vicinity and, if necessary, invite their friends and acquaintances to take part. In addition, thanks to integration with other calendar apps, Facebook Events is able to import your personal agenda, so you won't need any more scheduling tools.

How Facebook Events Works

(Taken from YouTube)

To convince users to download their new app, Facebook's engineers have focused on ease and immediacy of use. As soon as you launch Facebook Events you will see the list of appointments to which you have been invited and those for which you have confirmed your presence or interest in participating. Just scroll down, however, to access the most interesting features of Facebook Events.

In the second screen, in fact, there will be a small search engine that allows you to sift through the various events in the Facebook database and view those of most interest. Oltre la barra di ricerca, però, l’app mostrerà quello che può interessare l’utente in base alla partecipazione degli amici, agli eventi creati dalle Pagine che ci piacciono, alla vicinanza geografica e ai nostri gusti. In questo modo si avrà sempre la certezza di essere all’evento giusto nel momento giusto.

Potendo poi "pescare" all’interno dell’agenda personale degli utenti (all’interno di Calendario, nel caso di sistema iOS), Facebook Eventi sarà in grado di mostrare quali altri appuntamenti si avevano già in programma, così da controllare istantaneamente se sarà possibile prendere parte al concerto con i propri amici o meno.

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