Sliding gate: advantages of the automatic

An automatic gate makes the house more convenient, safe and comfortable. Find out what are the features, benefits and solutions offered by the market

Speed, convenience and ease of use: these are the main reasons that lead many people to choose to install an automatic gate. Whether sliding or swing, automation has now become a solution within everyone's reach.

The market offers a wide range of possibilities to suit every budget and need: the real difference is the reliability of the brand and the technology used. In fact, it is important that the system is easy to install even on old gates, that it works without jamming and that it adapts to the user's needs. Automation could turn into a nightmare if, on leaving the house to go to work, the gate should get stuck making us late. Fortunately, there are several reliable companies, many of which even offer automatic systems that can be integrated with other devices for Smart Home, such as lighting, blinds or curtains.

Automatic gate: the importance of the motor

There are many types of gates, one of the most popular is certainly the sliding gate, characterized by a single leaf that slides on a "rail". This solution allows you to optimize space and is suitable for buildings of different types. To make it even more convenient and comfortable, it is possible to install an automation system.

But how do these systems work? First of all, you need to choose the most suitable sliding gate motor for your system. Therefore, you will have to choose a motor that is installed on the gate according to its weight, size and type. You should also consider the number of times it is used on a daily basis. For example, a residential gate is opened and closed a few times a day, while a condominium or industrial gate needs to be operated several times during the day.

The choice and installation of this component is essential to ensure the proper functioning of the automatic gate. It should also be considered that the motor is often installed outdoors, so it must be waterproof and resistant to adverse weather conditions, high temperatures and shocks.

The motor is activated by a remote control that allows you to open and close the gate remotely. By law it is necessary to install a photocell that prevents the opening from closing in the presence of people, animals, cars or other.

Why choose an automatic gate? The advantages

One of the main advantages of an automatic gate is definitely its convenience. In fact, the technology allows you to control opening and closing remotely, without the need to physically approach it to move it. It is an excellent solution to open or close without getting out of the car or, in villas with gardens, condominiums or large houses, it is ideal to welcome guests without moving from the entrance of the house.

Also, it is a solution accessible to gates already installed, but without automation: nowadays there are many devices that can be integrated to any type of entrance, allowing even historic houses to equip themselves with an innovative and convenient to use system.

Automatic gates: solutions for the smart home

There are many companies that do not limit themselves to automatic systems for gates, but through the remote control also allow you to control windows, garages and other accesses. What about home automation enthusiasts? Even those who live in a smart home can find innovative solutions capable of managing the gate, windows, but also lighting and blinds through a single device.

In many cases, in addition to the remote control you can also install the appropriate application that allows you to control your home from your smartphone. In this case, in addition to controlling the movements of the gate, you can make sure directly from the app that you have actually closed it without leaving the house or looking out of the window. In addition, always via app or remote control you can manage multiple elements at the same time: lower the shutters when you close the window, and so on. The scenario is really rich in solutions and opportunities.