Why do video marketing: the advantages for SMEs

Are you thinking of creating a video marketing campaign to promote your company or a product and don't know where to start? Here are some ideas

With the number of users connected to the Net increasing on a virtually daily basis, it's only natural that the volume of traffic grows accordingly. However, there's one area in particular that's growing faster than the others: video consumption.

According to Zenith Media, each Internet user watched an average of 84 minutes of video in 2019, and by 2021, it's expected to hit 100 minutes. According to "The 2019 Global Internet Phenomena Report," on the other hand, 60% of daily traffic is generated just by multimedia content and the figure is set to grow in the coming years. In short, video content seems to have conquered the web and there is no other type of media that seems to be able to undermine it.

It's no surprise, then, that video is also the "must-have" choice for a company that wants to get noticed online. Over the past few years, video marketing has been gaining larger and larger slices of budget and interest. As some research shows, marketing campaigns that implement video content generate more qualified leads and help increase brand awareness.

Video marketing: why to invest in video

According to Aberdeen Group's research, video content not only increases brand awareness (54% of respondents said so), but also brings in more qualified leads. And that's not all: the ROI of video is higher than that of other forms of content, making it more cost-effective from both an advertising and an economic point of view.

Reading between the lines of Wyzowl's "The State of Video Marketing 2019" report, we discover that in over 80% of cases, videos help increase sales, while for 54% of respondents, they have significantly decreased the number of calls to the service center. For these reasons, videos are appreciated by both companies - 94% see videos as a useful tool - and marketing departments. For 70% of companies surveyed, video works better than any other content for conversion and sales.

How to do video marketing

Of course, doing video marketing is not for everyone. Before sitting in front of a PC and editing a video, in fact, it is necessary to study and define an overall communication strategy, which integrates video content within a broader editorial plan that includes other types of content. In short, making videos just for the sake of making them will not only lead to nothing, but will also result in a loss of economic and time resources.

The strategy, moreover, must be based on the long term and not the short term. The results of a good video marketing campaign will be seen in a few months and not immediately: the secret in this case is to provide some "series", which will help turn casual visitors into regulars. In addition, it is good to differentiate the videos both in terms of content and topics covered, and in terms of format.

Depending on the platform on which they are to be uploaded, in fact, the videos should have a different length, as well as a different orientation. For example, if it's a video for Instagram Stories or TikTok - or, in any case, a mobile platform - it will have to have a vertical orientation; if, instead, it's intended for a platform like YouTube, it will be more suitable to make a "normal" horizontal video. Finally, it will be necessary to choose the most suitable language for the audience you want to address: a young audience, in fact, will prefer a shorter video, characterized by brighter colors.

In short, the aspects to be taken into account are the most varied and, especially in the case of SMEs, it is not always possible to follow all aspects personally. The ideal is to rely on an agency that, being able to count on professionals, not only realizes a winning strategy suitable for your "target audience", but also knows how to produce videos suitable for the medium and the situation.

With Italiaonline's "Video" service, for example, the company will have a team of professionals at its disposal who will take care of the video marketing campaign in all its phases, from the conception to the realization, up to the uploading on the various platforms. Your only concern will be to provide them with as much information as possible about your business, your goals and the audience you want to reach. Italiaonline's experts will take care of the rest.