SMEs, Italian workers against pirated software

According to a research, 35% of the employees of small and medium enterprises would be inclined to denounce the use of an illegal program

Although Italy is one of the countries in the world, according to some researches, where the use of illegal software is more widespread, a part of the Italian workers, according to a study conducted by BSA The Software Alliance, would be willing to denounce the use of pirated programs in the company.

35% of the employees of small and medium enterprises, involved in the survey carried out last April, declared, in fact, to be ready to report illegal and unethical computer behaviors. An important figure, although from a numerical point of view it is still very low. The result, in fact, has a strong symbolic value that shows the change underway in Italian society on the software piracy front. As recalled by BSA The Software Alliance, an international association that aims to defend proprietary software, in Italy one program out of two does not have a valid license.

Legality on the rise in SMEs

Good news for legality also with regard to other issues. The majority of people surveyed by Opinium on behalf of BSA said they would be willing to report other illegal practices in their company. Employees would have no qualms about reporting fraud, tax evasion, abuses, irregularities in the application of industry standards and theft from the company.

Although the survey is hopeful, and indicative of predictions about the level of legality achieved by small and medium-sized businesses, it is still a survey. The most important thing is to see if the intentions stated in the research are then transformed into concrete actions.