Oppo announces a smartphone with sliding screen

The announcement on Twtitter: November 17 comes a new concept smartphone Oppo, here's how it could be

With a tweet, the Chinese smarptphone manufacturer Oppo sends fans of foldable devices and innovative design into juices: tomorrow, November 17, during the Oppo Inno Day 2020 will be presented a new concept that will represent "a new era for screens".

Only one image and no additional details, if not the slogan "a leap into the future", but Oppo already this summer had made many leakers talk about a smartphone patent with a sliding screen. In that case, it was an almost quatrefoiled device that could be stretched upwards thanks to a roll-up OLED display. From the only image shown, however, it would seem that this concept will have the screen that slides horizontally and not vertically.

Oppo Concept Phone: how it will be

The image published by Oppo, which is a rendering and not a photo of a real product, shows only a corner of the new concept that will be presented tomorrow. A corner that looks very similar, according to leaker Ben Geskin, to a previous concept of TCL: a smartphone that "widens" horizontally.

According to others, however, the concept will be faithful to the summer patent and therefore with vertical scrolling. If so, then, this new smartphone could also have the front camera under the screen and a single rear camera.

The best design for a smartphone

Between foldable smartphones, such as the Samsung Fold, Z Fold 2 and Z Flip, smartphones "with wings", such as the LG Wing and smartphones that roll up, as it would seem to be this concept of Oppo, all major manufacturers in the world seem to be engaged in the race for the most original design.

But why do they all want to change the shape of smartphones? After all, cell phones are a product that works, they sell hundreds of millions a year, and making them no longer poses great challenges to manufacturers.

The answer is probably to be found in the attempt to offer something completely different, an idea on which to rebuild the market and, at the same time, give the user new possibilities of use that were unthinkable before.