What Oppo’s foldable smartphone will look like

Oppo would be ready to debut in the soaring market of foldable smartphones: here's what it will look like according to the latest rumors

The future of smartphones seems more and more obliged to go by foldables. Products with the traditional "rigid" form factor will probably never disappear completely, but the charm and flexibility of use of the foldable together with the reduction of prices have increased the interest in this type of products.

And at the same pace of attention, the market share of foldable smartphones is growing, so manufacturers can not remain indifferent to a trend clearly on the rise. Among the latest to have become aware of it seems to be Oppo, which according to rumors is working on a foldable smartphone. It seems that the development has started some time ago, so that now the steps to be completed are those of officialization and the start of sales. However, information about the foldable smartphone from Oppo has not come a lot before, but now remedia a rumor that anticipates part of its characteristics.

How will the foldable Oppo

According to the informant Digital Chat Station, which more than once provided anticipations that have proven reliable, the foldable smartphone from Oppo will remind Huawei Mate X2. The main OLED display will come from the factories of the first Chinese manufacturer, Boe, will have a diagonal between 7.8 and 8 inches, a refresh rate of 120 Hz, which is the "minimum" that can be proposed on the market today, and a Full HD + resolution, more than enough for mobile use.

There are still doubts about the front camera for video calls and selfies: it will be there, it will have 32 megapixels, but it's still not clear how it will be implemented, whether in the traditional way, i.e. with a small notch or in a small hole inside the display, or under the screen as on the Galaxy Z Fold3 (in the opening photo), a futuristic solution but one that still poses major challenges to manufacturers in terms of design, especially if you don't want to give up too much in terms of shooting quality.

On the subject of cameras, as usual the rear ones will be relevant. The main one, according to rumors, will be a Sony IMX766 with a 50-megapixel resolution; the presence of a second ultra-wide-angle sensor doesn't seem in doubt, while that of a third camera, perhaps a zoom or (more likely) macro lens, is. The fingerprint reader will be placed on the profile of the foldable smartphone, then on the frame. The user interface will be as per tradition Oppo's ColorOS, in version 12 made on the basis of Android 11.

When the Oppo foldable arrives

If the informant's anticipations are correct, the presence of Android 11 suggests a presentation of the Oppo foldable by the end of the year or at the latest in early 2022, since it is expected that soon the user interface of the Chinese manufacturer's smartphones, ColorOS, will be based on Android 12.

And the adoption of the new version of Google's operating system would be even more important for foldable smartphones, since Android 12.1 is expected to arrive with design accouterments meant specifically for foldables.