Facebook has a black list of unwelcome users

Some former employees reveal the existence of a black list that gathers all Facebook's enemies. Here's how blacklist members are chosen

Facebook never ceases to amaze. According to some indiscretions, Mark Zuckerberg's social network would have a real black list of undesirable users. This is what a group of ex-employees of the company reveals to the Cnbc platform. The incriminated list would exist since 2008 and would be called Bolo, acronym of Be in Lookout.

The list would be updated every seven days and to date would include hundreds of names and surnames, which would be even associated with other sensitive data: age, geolocation and of course the reason for inclusion. According to rumors, in fact, members would even be tracked by the app and the smartphone. The people interviewed harshly criticized this document and addressed the alarm to all members of the social media. The problem cannot be underestimated in any way.

Who gets on Facebook's blacklist?

The black list created by Mark Zuckerberg's social media is real, and contains the sensitive data of hundreds of users who are disliked by the system. How is it updated? Every week, the staff in charge adds a substantial number of users to the black list. With each update, managers and security staff receive a detailed report that includes information about the new contacts on the list. This includes the user's first and last name, photograph, geolocation, movement on the platform, and a description of why the user was added.

People end up on the list after offending and threatening the company, or simply voicing discontent that could undermine its security.

Facebook blacklist: right or wrong?

All the details were provided by a former Facebook employee who explained that in reality there are no standards: the people to be included in Facebook's enemies list are chosen without any particular rules.

In case of a serious threat to the system, the social network in addition to including the user in the list, can monitor his geographical location over time and follow his activities from the app. The monitoring is done through the IP address used to connect to the Internet. A group of former employees and security officers criticized the system, dubbed as the Big Brother of the digital age. Other people, on the contrary, consider Facebook's attitude correct and justify the existence of the black list. The company's spokesperson states that the list is a guarantee for all Facebook employees. Therefore, it would not be born to control enemies, but to protect the company, users and staff.