Fedor, the Terminator-inspired Russian robot, puts the creeps

Do you remember the Terminator movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger? Lo and behold, destructive robots may no longer be a fiction associated with action or science fiction movies. Russia, in fact, has tried to teach a robot to shoot with two weapons at a time, each inserted in one hand. A real weapon of mass destruction.

This news has fueled global concern, especially since many believe that the Russian military has been working for some time now to create robot soldiers capable of making a difference during potential conflicts. Russian politician, Dmitry Rogozin, downplayed the news. He assured that it was only a few tests: Russia, apparently, is not willing to create robots capable of making real massacres. This technology, however, opens to several debates on the possibility of wars fought by robots and the possibility for these machines to kill people in the flesh.

The FEDOR project

The robot in question has been called Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research (FEDOR) and Russia has stated that it is designed for a solo space mission. Mission that is expected to take place in 2021. The Russians have justified themselves by saying that the weapons tests were only to monitor the robot's improvements in movement and decision-making capabilities. Fedor was actually taught several operations for repairing space shuttles. But the robot can also do very simple gestures, such as changing a light bulb. The aim then is to use it in repairs and rescue missions. Even if in many people don't exclude a future use in the war field.

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