Fortnite: Drake’s account was hacked

Epic Games' famous online video game was targeted by hackers who targeted the account of singer Drake during a live event

Although there is still a month to go until the end of this 2018, Fortnite can be called without too much doubt the video game of the year. For the online survival game, however, it's not all sunshine and roses. After the accusations of Prince Harry continue the bad figures for the title of Epic Games.

In the last few hours, in fact, a group of cyber criminals was able to hack the account of Drake's singer. The Canadian rapper is one of the many VIPs who have become fans of the Epic Games video game, among them also Ibrahimovic and Griezmann (who cheers after a goal imitating the moves of the video game Fortnite). To be honest, however, Drake is one of the most important VIPs within the Fortnite platform not only because he is really good at playing but because he is one of the best friends of Ninja, one of the most famous Fortnite streamers in the world. In recent days Drake was supposed to do a live event, too bad that the person who spoke during the game was actually a hacker and not the singer.

Hackers steal rapper Drake's Fortnite account

During the Fortnite live with Ninja for a few moments Drake's account remained strangely silent while after a while he started shouting racist and violent insults during the game's live. Insults that the many fans watching the live broadcast could hear. Ninja, surprised by the fact and among the general astonishment, had to suspend the live broadcast of the game. The gamer then called his friend to notify him of the identity theft and the account has been blocked and subsequently recovered by the famous Canadian singer.

How to protect your Fortnite account

To avoid encountering unpleasant situations like the one that happened to Drake our advice is to activate the two-factor authentication on our Fortnite profile. Also because within the platform of the game Epic Games in addition to personal information relating to our profile most likely, to complete some in-app purchases, we have also entered the data of one of our credit cards. And hackers could steal all our money. Not to mention that insults made by an attacker on the game with our profile could cost us a complaint or be banned forever from the game, losing all our progress.