The 10 most popular Telegram chatbots in Italy

Train schedules, museums or pharmacies closest to us: there are many chatbots on Telegram and all with different features. Here are the most useful

Telegram at the moment is not as widespread as WhatsApp but in recent years the number of users is constantly increasing. There are several advanced features that you can try on the app, and among them there is also the conversation with bots.

Let's start from the base: what are bots? Bots are programs that have access to all the information and data contained on the Internet and interface with humans as if they were real people. Telegram being an open-source app, it has given the opportunity to anyone to develop their own chatbots based on their preferred tastes and themes. This has led to a proliferation of quirky and unique bots within the app. Be warned though, a bot can be used not just for fun. But it comes in very handy for work as well. For example, a chatbot set to a single topic will allow us to stay up-to-date on the main news that interests us the most.

YouTube Audio

Let's start with a bot that is handy for anyone. With YouTube Audio just enter the link of the selected video on the famous video platform and we'll be able to download just the audio. A quick and convenient choice for those who want to listen to music on their smartphone. The correct nick to find the bot on Telegram is @YTAudio.


Defying of ever being able to converse in English? No problem, just search for the nick @andyrobot on Telegram to start chatting with this bot in Her Majesty's language. We can also ask the bot questions about pronunciation and grammatical forms.


This is the bot that will make fans of e-commerce and online shopping happy. Trackbot allows you to track packages and shipments from almost all couriers in the world, such as DHL, SDA, Bartolini, GLS, UPS, TNT and many others. How do you use it? Easy, just give the command Track followed by the code of our order. And that's it. The bot will tell us where our package is at the moment. You can also turn on notifications. The nick is @Trackbot.

Doctor Bot

Do you need some medical information and simple health tips? Nothing better than @dottor_bot. This chatbot will inform you through infographics, diagrams and text messages.


How not to get lost among the myriad of chatbots on Telegram? Easy, just use StoreBot. It is a bot designed to return a list of the best chatbots present. These are shown by theme and by rating. The only drawback is that the descriptions of the bots are present in many languages (English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, German, Dutch and Portuguese) but not in Italian.

Free SMS

Thanks to this bot we can send free SMS to all Italian numbers. Nowadays, thanks to the smartphone connection, the old text messages are less and less used, but there is always some relative who still does not discover the fantastic world of WhatsApp. And in these cases it is convenient to be able to write a text message without paying for it. Since in recent times many providers no longer include SMS in the monthly phone subscription.

Train Schedule

Commuting is a complicated life. Especially when trains are constantly running late. To stay up to date with departure times on Telegram, you can use the Train Schedule chatbot. You can also use it to plan a route. Il nick del bot in questione è @trenitbot.


EmojitalianoBot è un tool gratuito e aperto alla comunità per costruire un dizionario italiano degli emoji.
Attualmente con questo chatbot si ha la possibilità di cercare parole o emoji e giocare a indovinare il significato delle emoticon visualizzate.

Farmacie italiane

Come fare per trovare le farmacie più vicine a casa, oppure quelle di turno durante la notte o nei giorni festivi? Facile basta andare su Telegram e cercare @farmaciebot. Il bot può individuare la nostra posizione grazie a geocoder di OpenStreetMap e per avviare una ricerca basta cliccare sul simbolo della graffetta.

Musei italiani

Appassionati di cultura? Con @museimibactbot potremo vedere gli orari e le informazioni sui principali musei del nostro Paese. Funziona come Farmacie italiane. Basta inserire la posizione e poi cliccare sulla graffetta per avere un report dei musei vicini a noi.