Gomorra 5: Salvatore Esposito says goodbye to his Genny

The filming of Gomorra 5 is over: actor Salvatore Esposito's farewell to his Genny Savastano and Marco D'Amore's spoiler about the release date

The filming of the fifth and final season of Gomorra is over. After 8 years of filming, Salvatore Esposito says goodbye to his beloved character: Genny Savastano. And the actor Marco D'Amore lets slip a major spoiler: the release date of Gomorra 5.

Born from the pen of the writer Roberto Saviano, Gomorra has landed on small and big screens immediately winning over the public, both domestic and international. Eight years of filming for five seasons that have created a cult TV series, as cult are its characters: Genny Savastano, Ciro Di Marzio and Scianel. Saying goodbye to these characters is not easy, but the time has come and we just have to wait for the release of the last season to find out the conclusion of the TV series.

Gomorra 5: Salvatore Esposito and the farewell to Genny

The conclusion of the filming of Gomorra 5 marked the end of an adventure for Salvatore Esposito. The actor has thus decided to say goodbye to Genny Savastano in a touching post on social networks, where a video is accompanied by this caption: "Goodbye Genny. In these cases it is never easy to find the right words. I simply want to thank all those who have made 8 years ago all this possible and thanks to all of you who follow me with affection and esteem. You are my greatest gift".

Esposito continues with his thanks: "I want to thank Sky and Cattleya, all the directors, the artists with whom I shared the set and the great workers who, in the shadows, worked hard for us. Now it's your turn Genna'. You have done unspeakable things and I never thought I would be able to tell the truth about all the horrible things you have done. Even though we are light years apart, in these 8 years you have made me understand many things that I will jealously preserve within me. Now you'll have to wait a bit for Gomorra 5 but know that, as always, it will be worth it."

When Gomorra 5 comes out: Marco D'Amore's spoiler

At the moment, Sky has not yet announced the release date of Gomorra 5, whose filming carried out between Rome and Naples has just finished. The final season of the TV series could arrive by the end of 2021, but giving some more clues was actor Marco D'Amore, who plays Ciro Di Marzio.

In a video posted by Esposito-Genny and D'Amore-Ciro, the two make a brief spoiler. D'Amore, replying to Esposito's provocation, lets slip this sentence: "Knowing that there are still four months or more to go before Gomorra's release makes me rosy because I'd like to show it to you now!"

In short, the release date could be between September and October 2021: all we have to do is wait for Sky's confirmation and to be able to see the last chapter of the cult series.