Google News gets a makeover in Material Design

The new Google News will make it easier to read news thanks to Material Design. Fact Check functionality will also be introduced (US only)

Times of changes at Google. The giant of the Californian web will redo the look to Google News, the news aggregator developed by the Mountain View company, adopting a totally new graphics. A restyling that will improve the organization of the page, making it visually more orderly and linear.

Just take a look at the news aggregator to see the new features introduced. The metamorphosis of Google News is appreciated, in fact, also by Italian users. But what does it change in particular? The interface has been modified following the "Material Design", a clear and very simple graphic design, created by Google and active on the main Mountain View web platforms. In the new Google News the news are arranged in a more organized way. And that's not all. The reading of the news reported by the aggregator of Big G, thanks to the new graphics, is made easier on any device.

The new Google News

The news of Google News continue to be reported always in the center and inserted each in its own category, although now the new interface gives a more fluid and dynamic overview. On the left side there are the various sections, while on the right side there are the most recent news, those selected directly by Google and the news according to geographical location. There is also information about the weather.

The central news are accompanied by the classic photo and a brief summary, which provides additional information. In addition, Google News offers the possibility to follow the evolution of the news in real time: just press the button "Live Coverage"

Google News is also interesting in terms of the level of customization, which allows each user to organize the display of the various sections to his liking. And only in the American version (at the moment), there is also the Fact Check, an area of the page that ensures the reliability of the news.