Elemnt, the bike computer that communicates with your smartphone

Small and light, Elemnt Mini is a bike device that connects with your smartphone and also allows you to view messages and calls

Bike enthusiasts can also count on numerous electronic devices. From smart helmets to satellite navigation tools and anti-theft devices, the choice is vast. The Elemnt Mini, a bike computer, has been added to these hi-tech items.

Despite its small size, the Element Mini is a technological marvel. Starting with the battery, which can last up to 300 hours. The Wahoo Fitness device cannot miss the possibility to connect with your smartphone. And it is precisely here that it unleashes all its power. The bike computer, thanks to the Bluetooth connection, can access GPS. And that's not all. Elemnt Mini can also be used to monitor the heartbeat or record other parameters. In these cases, however, it is necessary to resort to other external sensors, which can be connected to the mini bike computer through the Bluetooth connection.

Features Elemnt

As mentioned, the device is very small and is also very light. The display of the Wahoo Fitness computer has a diagonal of 1.8 inches, which is enough to display the numerous information collected by the device. Elemnt Mini is accompanied by the Wahoo RPM Speed, which allows you to record a lot of data from your bike workout. Other sensors - such as the heart sensor - must be purchased separately.

Gets notifications

The mini computer has other interesting resources as well. As mentioned, the device is able to associate with the smartphone thanks to the application provided by the company. Thanks to the dedicated software, the device turns into a GPS. In the Wahoo Fitness app it will be possible to view the distance covered and get many other statistics. And that's not all. Integrating with the mobile device, again through Bluetooth, you can receive notifications, shown on the small LCD screen, including text messages and incoming calls.


The computer is compatible with both smartphones running on Android and devices made by Apple. The object developed by Wahoo Fitness costs 89.99 euros.