Super Monarch Crown AWD 1500, the e-bike that climbs mountains

It's called Super Monarch Crown AWD 1500, it's produced by e-Cells and it's a very particular off-road e-bike: we could say that it's almost a "double" e-bike. This electric bike, in fact, is very different from most of the products on the market today: while other e-bikes focus on lightness, this one focuses on power.

A very high power, which allows the rider to tackle almost any route thanks to two motors, two batteries, a reinforced frame and a waterproofing certified IP65. A sort of Panzer with two wheels, even in weight: 43 kilos. The transportability of this bike is therefore minimal and it is a means to be loaded in a car, pickup or cart to take it to the start of the off-road route. It's hard to imagine a comfortable use of the Super Monarch Crown AWD 1500 in an urban environment. If you want to buy and use it in Italy, however, you need to know two things: it costs a lot and will never be approved as a bicycle because it is too powerful.

Super Monarch Crown AWD 1500: technical features

We start from the electric motors, which are two Bafang 1,100 watts and 52 volts, one for each wheel hub. Basically, the Super Monarch Crown AWD 1500 is an all-wheel-drive e-bike, pushing from the front and rear with equal power. There are also two batteries, for a total of 1.63 kWh of capacity, which are recharged in 7 hours (but simultaneously, with a single cable). That seems a lot, but the two motors "drink" a lot. The frame is very sturdy, in 6061 aeronautical aluminum, as are the forks: an air RST at the front with 96 mm of travel and a Rockshox Monarch RL air (designed specifically for this e-bike) at the rear. The brakes are both hydraulic discs, identical front and rear, produced by Tektro (the Dorado HD-E730 four-piston).

Super Monarch Crown AWD 1500: what it's for and how much it costs

What is an e-bike like this for? To move on the most challenging routes, even uphill and even loads (the maximum weight allowed is 180 kilos, rider included), at a speed of almost 50 kilometers per hour and without making great effort. How much does all this cost? Quite a bit: the list price is $4,995, but it's currently on discount at $3,995. Prices that don't include tax and shipping, from Nevada.