Bike Bonus 2020, you need the talking receipt: what is it

To request the bike bonus you also need the talking receipt, as well as the invoice. Here's what it is like to request it during the purchase phase

To obtain the bonus Bike 2020 for the purchase of an electric scooter, an e-bike, a bicycle or other means of zero-emission micro-mobility you must demonstrate that you have personally purchased the means. For this reason it is not sufficient to attach the receipt, on which there is nothing written other than the sale price.

But the receipt is valid and sufficient, as is also the invoice. Who has already bought a means of micro-mobility with traditional receipt, therefore, will not be able to take advantage of the bonus. Those who have not yet done so, however, will require the invoice or receipt talking and will have no problem getting the government grant. As the invoice, in fact, even the receipt reports the tax data of both the seller and the buyer and a description of the good sold / purchased. With this tax document, therefore, there is everything you need to prove that we paid to buy the scooter or bicycle.

Talking receipt: what is it

The talking receipt was born in 2007 and is also called "descriptive receipt". The reason is simple: it is much more detailed than the classic one. On a talking receipt is in fact also indicated the tax code of the purchaser and a full description of the goods purchased (and quantities of such goods purchased). To understand what we are talking about, the "talking receipt" is the one issued by pharmacies if we communicate our tax code when we buy drugs and it is essential to be able to deduct the expenses for drugs from taxes.

Bonus scooters and bicycles: how it works

The Italian government has made available 220 million to encourage the purchase of individual means of transport with low or zero environmental impact: bicycles, including electric, scooters, including electric, hoverboards, segways and everything that allows us to move individually without emitting CO2 or particulate matter into the atmosphere. The bonus bike covers a maximum of 60% of the purchase price and in any case not more than 500 euros. Those who bought a means incentivabile from May 4 will get the incentive if they can prove the purchase through the invoice or, indeed, the receipt talking. The incentive also covers the purchase of used vehicles, but not accessories (such as helmets or cycling clothing). In order to obtain the incentive it will be necessary to upload the fiscal document on a special platform that is not yet available.