Bike Bonus 2020, when will be available the platform for reimbursement

The platform to request the bonus bike 2020 will be released after August 6 and will allow everyone to get reimbursed for the expenditure made

The Mobility Bonus 2020 is in its final stages: after August 6 will be made available the platform to request reimbursement for those who have already purchased a sustainable vehicle, that is a bike, an e-bike, an electric scooter, a hoverboard or a segway. The measure has been announced for a couple of months now, but has not yet been made official due to bureaucratic misunderstandings between the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Transport, the two entities that have strongly pushed for the Bike Bonus.

The platform where to request funds was to be released by the end of July, but it was decided to postpone the arrival to after August 6, the day in which the Permanent Conference State - Regions will meet to discuss the ministerial decree on the Bike Bonus. After the Conference there should be publication in the Official Gazette and the relative launch of the platform. To access the platform to ask for the reimbursement it will be necessary to download the app on one's smartphone or to access it through a computer and use the SPID, the Public Digital Identity System.

How to request the Bike Bonus 2020

The platform for the Bike Bonus 2020 is ready, but it is still missing the implementing decree and its publication in the Official Gazette to make it available to everyone. Publication that should take place on August 6. This, then, is the possible date of release of the webapp where to request reimbursement for the purchase of one of the means compatible with the Bonus Bike 2020: bicycles, e-bikes, electric scooters and hoverboards.

Respect to initial assumptions, the platform will be released much later, but those who have already purchased a sustainable means (the measure, in fact, is retroactive and covers all purchases made since May 4), should not worry: the funds are there for everyone and have also increased. The Minister of the Environment Costa has assured that there will be no click day and that the funds available have increased up to 210 million euros. And they could still increase thanks to the money coming from the taxes on polluting vehicles.

To request the Bonus Bici you will have to download the ad hoc app and log in with your SPID credentials. A system very similar to the one used for the Holiday Bonus and that has worked quite well.

How the Bike Bonus 2020 works

The Mobility Bonus 2020 is a benefit for the purchase of sustainable and non-polluting vehicles, preferably electric. In the list of compatible means we find the already mentioned bikes, e-bikes and electric scooters.

The bike bonus is a non-refundable contribution that covers 60% of the expenditure made by a person, up to a maximum of 500 euros. This means that to get the full bonus you need to spend more than 833 euros (of which 500 are reimbursed).

The bonus is retroactive for all purchases made from May 4 onwards. To get the refund you must have the invoice of the purchase and upload it to the platform when it becomes available. Those, however, who have not yet made the purchase, can request the bonus in the form of a voucher and present it to the retailer to get the 60% discount.