Honor MagicBook V 14 will be the first laptop with Windows 11 from the factory

At the announcement of the strategic partnership with Microsoft, Honor announced the upcoming debut of MagicBook V 14, the first laptop with Windows 11

Honor today announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft. The two companies are joining forces with the goal of developing smart, integrated technology solutions, with a focus on artificial intelligence, to enhance the consumer experience in a long-term vision.

On the same occasion, Honor announced the launch of MagicBook V 14 which will be one of the world's first laptops with Windows 11 factory-installed. It will be the first laptop in the world to integrate Microsoft's new operating system from the factory, which compared to its predecessor will not revolutionize anything, at least not at first. Under the hood, Windows 11 and 10 are very similar, the biggest differences will be related to the user interface: Windows 11 will bring a new design, a new taskbar, a new Start menu, new applications, widgets will come and novelties for settings.

Honor MagicBook V 14 the first with Windows 11

As mentioned and as officially communicated (with pride) by the company, Honor MagicBook V 14 will be the first in the world with Windows 11 from the factory: the launch of the new Chinese laptop, as announced by the same company, will take place on September 26, that is, a few days before the announcement by Microsoft and about a week before the official debut of Windows 11, on October 5, 2021.

From October 5 onwards, in fact, it will be possible to buy licenses for new PCs assembled at home, and all new computers on sale will have Windows 11 preinstalled instead of Windows 10: the first will be just Honor MagicBook v 14.

Unfortunately, the mouths have remained sealed about what we should expect from the new MagicBook V 14. The company has limited itself to saying that it will have the most advanced software and hardware features, as well as optimizations aimed at maximizing the Windows 11 experience. Judging by the statements, Honor's next laptop could be a top-of-the-line.

Honor and Microsoft statements

During the announcement of the partnership with Microsoft, Honor's CEO stated its commitment to adopting an approach that puts the consumer at the center of every project and consequently in developing the best possible products.

"With a strong belief in openness, cooperation and innovation, we will work closely with our global supply chain partners across the industry to create a world-class experience by leveraging our technological capabilities, market insights and research and development innovations," he said.

On the same page was Microsoft's counterpart, who spoke of the "currents," the transformations, taking place in technology.

"With an increasing reliance on hybrid work, customers expect greater convenience, security and improved interaction from their mobile computing devices, systems and applications, both for work and home. Microsoft hopes to accelerate the integrated development of software and hardware intelligence by continuously deepening and expanding strategic cooperation with HONOR."