Housework: how to find the craftsman you need online

Now that word of mouth is digital and no longer physical, you have to rely on the Internet to find a good professional plumber or mason: here's how to find the craftsman you need online

Those who start doing housework will need to rely on a good craftsman, who is a professional in his field. Whether it's a bricklayer, an electrician or a plumber, in the age of the Internet, word of mouth is no longer enough: the search for the figure you need goes online, especially in case of emergencies.

Pipes that break, electrical systems that blow or even a piece of furniture that needs repairing. Until a few years ago, users had to turn to the phone book or the Yellow Pages to look for a craftsman or a professional for home works in their area. Now everything is quicker and faster: an online search is enough to locate the nearest professional, you can evaluate the reviews on their social profiles such as Google MyBusiness to decide if it's right for you, and most importantly you can see schedules and other information directly on the web. In addition, services such as PGCasa, the digital evolution of the Yellow Pages, also allow you to request quotes directly online, so you can compare them and choose the best.

Homework: from the phone book to web searches

When you need to paint your house, modify a piece of furniture, repair a leaky faucet or install an alarm, you will need to enlist the help of a craftsman or a professional in the field. While before the Internet, it was necessary to rely on word of mouth or look in the local phone book for the services of a tradesman, now with the Internet, everything is easier. An online search is enough to find dozens of results for those who offer a service in your area, so you can evaluate which professional offers the best quote, and who perhaps also has the best online reviews on their social profile or business site.

Homework: how to look for a professional online

Online services where to look for a professional have increased in recent years. Dedicated websites allow you to locate the craftsman by doing a search based on the nearest location, gathering information of the services offered. A very convenient function offered by this type of sites is to be able to send a request for quotation to the different craftsmen in your area directly online, so you can receive it easily via email or in the private area after registering. In this way, you can compare the different quotes and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Housework: what to do after the estimate

Once you have received all the quotes and chosen the most suitable, you will be put in contact directly with the craftsman, so you can make an appointment for a possible inspection in which to define precisely the extent of work to be done in the house and the expense. At the end of the work, these websites usually allow the possibility of being able to write a review on the service offered. The reviews are important, since they allow other future users to be able to evaluate the performance of the professional and understand if he is the most suitable.

A digital word of mouth that becomes essential both for those looking for a professional and for the craftsman himself. Among the services offered online stands out that of PgCasa, which allows after registering on the website to receive up to 5 quotes from craftsmen who will take charge of the request, choose the preferred one and be able to deal with the work in the house with the help of an expert.