How to control what your kids do online

Children are the first victims of the dangers of the Net. How to protect them? There are plenty of apps in the Google and Apple stores. Here are the best ones

The Internet is a place that hides many dangers. Especially for children. And the spread of tablets and smartphones among children has increased the risks. Risks that in some cases are hidden even in seemingly innocuous content: as in the case of disturbing cartoons posted on Youtube.

The imperative for parents is to assist their children, especially the younger ones, when they surf the net and inform them about the threats that come from the web. Then it is necessary that they are aware of all the tools that they can use to protect their children. The most famous are those present in the browsers, which allow to set protection filters. And not only that. Google, for example, with its service called Family Link, allows parents to control their children's devices remotely. You can choose which apps your child can download, check how long he or she has been using the device and lock the smartphone remotely.

Useful apps for controlling children

And then help also comes from the world of apps. For many parents, one of the main concerns is knowing where their children are. Android and Apple make numerous apps available. One of the most popular and effective, in the opinion of some experts, is the one produced by Kaspersky, a company famous for its antivirus. Kaspersky SafeKids, in addition to blocking access to websites not suitable for children and downloading apps that parents do not consider suitable for their children, also allows you to know their location in real time. Another useful app for protecting the little ones is Norton Family parental control, which allows you to keep an eye on your children's online activity remotely and set certain limits.

TheĀ apps to protect the little ones

An app developed by another company specializing in cybersecurity is Bitdefender Parental Contol, which works broadly like the previous ones. Spazio Bimbi ParentalĀ Control is an app that prevents your child from accessing certain apps installed on the parent's device. It is also possible to block the download of paid apps, disable calls and disable the wireless signal. Other apps to protect your children are SecureTeen Parental Control and Screen Time Parental Control. The latter app lets you set the maximum time your kids can use an app, block an app or allow access only at a certain time.

All of these apps can help parents, though the first thing to do is to teach your kids about the Internet, its benefits, but also its dangers.