How to improve the audio settings of your smartphone and tablet

On phones and tablets, both Apple and Android, you can manage the audio settings to adjust the playback of headphones or enable mono audio

When we use a smartphone or tablet, whether these are Apple or Android, we may be faced with the need to adjust and rebalance the audio output. For example, we can make the volume come out only on one of the two headphones or only on a specific part of the device's speakers. And doing so is very simple.

Balancing the audio on a device running iOS 9.3, or higher, is pretty easy. First, let's go to Settings, then General, and finally click on Accessibility. Scrolling down we'll see a slider for left/right balance. At this point we decide the preferred side to output the audio and that's it. In addition to the classic stereo sound on iOS 9.3 or higher we can also select to play the audio in mono. To do this, we just need to go to the Accessibility section of the iPhone or iPad and then tick off the wording Audio Mono.

Android Audio Management

Also on Android smartphones and tablets managing audio is quite simple. The steps are identical on all devices running KitKat 4.4 or higher. First we have to go to Settings, then to the Advanced Settings section and look for the Accessibility item. At this point we'll have to scroll down to the heading Audio Balance to choose whether to set the sound to left only, right only or left and right. In the same section you can also activate the audio playback in Mono mode. The procedure, however, may vary depending on the user interface present on the smartphone.

Those who own a Samsung Galaxy S4 or higher can instead directly use a specific app called Adapt Sound. The app allows you to change various advanced settings such as signals and sounds shifted according to our preferences. This is a particularly useful solution for those with special hearing disorders. Unfortunately, at the moment it is not compatible with many applications from third-party developers. For example, Spotify or most of the games on the Play Store.