How to keep your iPhone from draining fast

Problems with your iPhone battery? Here are some tricks to figure out if your Apple smartphone drains too fast

Although iPhones are almost always adored by their respective owners, there's one aspect that many users still complain about: battery life. It's not really a problem specific to Apple's smartphones (the batteries of all smartphones, sooner or later, lose efficiency), but on a product with a decidedly premium price one expects a longer battery life.

And, so, battery life is one of the most common "problems" on iPhones and there are many who wonder how to prevent the iPhone from draining quickly. There are many reasons for the low battery life: sometimes it's an app that doesn't work properly, sometimes it's a wrong setting, sometimes it can even be the way we use the charger. If our iPhone already has iOS 13 (and if it doesn't it should be updated right away) you can find out pretty easily why it drains quickly by accessing specific information within the settings, and fix the problem. Here's how to do it.

Alternatively, you can look for a new iPhone with a more powerful battery, buying it with one of the promotions offered by mobile operators.

Check battery health

The first, obvious but essential step to prevent iPhone battery from draining too fast is to check the battery's health status. By going to Settings > Battery > Battery Status we can read basic information such as maximum capacity. That is how much maximum charge, compared to 100% of a new battery, is currently available on our iPhone. If the phone is still young, but it's already below 80% maximum charging capacity, there's probably a problem.

How to charge the iPhone

It's also very important, always in the same section of the settings, how the iPhone is recharged through the appropriate graph, which shows green bars and yellow bars. The yellow bars indicate when the iPhone has been used in power saving mode. Then there are the percentages of battery charge at any time of the day, and right here is the information we're interested in: what percentage did the battery drop to before being recharged? Remember the 40-80 rule: to last long, a battery must be recharged every time it drops to 40% and no more than 80% of its maximum capacity.

Which apps consume the most battery?

Finally, if the battery is in good condition and is recharged in the right way, it can happen that it drains too quickly because of an app that doesn't work well and drains too much charge, perhaps to do nothing in the background. Always from the settings we can read the "Activities" that consume the battery and show them for each app. We'll see what percentage of the battery has consumed each app and we'll understand on the fly which of them has an excessive impact on the autonomy of the iPhone. If that app is one that we don't use much, but yet it continues to drain the battery, then the app has a problem. Pending an update to the app, it might be a good idea to uninstall it.