How to recharge PostePay

Making a Postepay recharge is easy and fast, at any time and wherever you are. To meet the needs of the many customers who have chosen this card, Poste Italiane has developed several solutions available from app, computer or even in person, in post offices or stores.

Postepay by Poste Italiane can be requested in all post offices, paying a cost of issuance and an annual fee, depending on the type of Postepay (standard or Evolution) with the availability of an IBAN to be used, for example, for the crediting of salary. For those who are reluctant to make purchases online, this may be a choice to be considered: transactions are safe, thanks to Poste Italiane's Web Security system in line with the European Payment Service Directive, and through the use of information notifications and alerts it is possible to keep under control all the operations carried out with the card and it is always possible to check the Poste Pay credit. There is also IoStudio PostePay, dedicated to minors who are still studying.

Postepay: recharge from Postepay App

Recharging Postepay from App is easy, both from iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Recharging, in this case, can be done in two different ways: you can transfer money from one named card to another, your own or a third party, or make a normal recharge with a payment card of the main circuits, or Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and VPay.

In the same way, and always through the same application, it is also possible to check the balance and the list of movements of your card.

Postepay: recharge from the BancoPosta App

Downloading the BancoPosta App, available for Apple or Android, it is possible to recharge your Postepay or that of another person in two different ways. The first is, also in this case, the transfer of money from one named Postepay to another; the second, however, is dedicated to holders of a BancoPosta account with active home banking service.

To use the BancoPosta App to top up, it is necessary to associate the phone number of the SIM used to your account.

Postepay: top up from the Poste Italiane sites

Once you have accessed or it is possible to recharge your Postepay in three different ways: by debiting your BancoPosta account through the dedicated home banking, by transferring from one nominative Postepay to another or, on the site, by using a Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard or Vpay payment card.

Postepay: recharging at the Post Office

Making a Postepay card at the Post Office is very simple: just go to one of the counters and request the operation, paying in cash, with a Postamat Maestro card or another Bancoposta-enabled card. As with the apps, it is also possible to transfer money from one Postepay card to another at the post office.

Postepay: recharge at other points of sale

If you don't have an app and post offices are far away or closed, tobacconists and affiliated points of sale of the Lottomatica Servizi network allow you to recharge by providing the retailer with a valid identity document (identity card, driver's license or passport) and one of the tax code cards issued by the Agenzia delle Entrate, and the regional health card. Without the required documentation it will not be possible to proceed.

In addition, it is important to remember that at the points of sale it is possible to recharge your own card or a third party's card, for a minimum amount of 1 euro up to 997.99 euro for each operation.

Postepay: recharge at Postamat automatic teller machines (ATM)

Also Postamat ATMs, that is the automatic teller machines of the group, allow to recharge Postepay cards. To proceed with the operation it is necessary to have with you: another Postepay or BancoPosta card, or a payment card belonging to the Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro or Vpay circuits.

Postepay: home recharge

Postepay can also be recharged at home, by requesting the service from Poste Italiane's authorised letter carriers. To have the possibility to carry out this operation, available only at the standard recharge cost, it is possible to call the Contact Center of Poste Italiane, which can be reached at the number 803.160, or fill in the form on the company website to request an appointment at home or in the office.

For payment, Poste Italiane has made provision for the possibility of using not only Postepay and Postamat but also debit cards belonging to the Maestro circuit.

Postepay: recharge from BPM accounts

Those who hold current accounts belonging to the banks of the BPM group can also recharge a Postepay card directly from their computer or app. By logging into your home banking account, you can proceed with the request, either on your own card or on a third party's card.

Postepay: recharge from PayPal

Through PayPal you can transfer money to a Postepay with little effort, once the connection between your PayPal account and your card has been made. To recharge, once you have logged in, just click on Wallet and then on Transfer Money; once you have selected the destination card, just set the amount and click on confirm.