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Reset without restriction code: iPhone X

The restriction code is a handy security tool to childproof your smartphone, for example. However, if it is to be removed and you have forgotten it, you will need to fully reset your iPhone X.

What to look out for on iPhone X when resetting without restriction code?

The restriction code serves you as a handy parental control on iPhone X. But if you forget the code that blocks your access to selected apps and settings, then you need to reset the device. This will delete all the contents, but you can save them in a backup before.
  • You can not restore your entire iPhone from a backup. This is because the restriction code is also stored in this backup and would be restored.
  • But instead you can easily transfer individual content such as your photos, contacts and music from the backup back to your iPhone X.

This is how the reset

  1. Open the settings on the iPhone X and tap "General".
  2. Now select "Reset" at the very bottom.
  3. Press "Erase content and settings", then enter the unlock code of your device.
  4. Wait until the process is complete and restart your iPhone X after the reset. Sie können dann einen neuen Einschränkungscode festlegen.
Wenn Sie auch den Entsperrcode vergessen haben, können Sie Ihr Gerät im DFU-Modus zurücksetzen. Dies funktioniert nur mit einem Computer, mit dem Ihr iPhone bereits verbunden war.

By Pettit

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