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iPhone X: Forgot restriction code

The restriction code allows you to block the use of individual iPhone X functions. If you have forgotten the restriction code, your only option is often to reset the device. How to do this and what alternatives there are to the reset, we show you here.

Forgetting a restriction code: how to reset iPhone X

On iPhone X, you have the option to set a restriction code to lock certain features of the device. This is especially useful if you let other people, such as your children, use the iPhone X and want to prevent them from making changes to the settings, making purchases, or accessing adult websites. Since you always have to enter the code to remove the restriction, if you forget it, your only option is to reset your iPhone.
  1. To do this, connect your iPhone X to your computer via USB cable and open iTunes.
  2. In iTunes, click on the name of your iPhone and select the "Restore iPhone" option.
  3. After clicking "Backup", a backup of all personal data on your iPhone X will then be created first before it is subsequently reset.

iPhone X: How to read out the forgotten restriction code

As an alternative to resetting iPhone X, you can also try to read out the forgotten restriction code. For this, you need an additional software like "Pinfinder" and you need to install it on your Mac or PC. To do this, connect your iPhone X to the computer, start Pinfinder and wait until the program has read out the code. As soon as the readout process is finished, you will see the restriction code under "Restrictions Passcode".

By Lorinda Mura

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