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Forgetting a restriction code - what you can do now

By setting up a restriction code, you can prevent your child from using your iPhone unfiltered. The code will restrict access for various apps so that your child cannot use any app without control. However, if you forget the code, you will also lack access.

Forgetting a restriction code - here's what to do on iPhone

The restriction code cannot be recovered and changed in a roundabout way, unlike a forgotten password.
  1. To be able to use the smartphone again in the case of a forgotten restriction code, it must be completely reset.
  2. This will switch to the "Settings" and navigate to "General".
  3. There it goes on to "Reset" and then to "Delete content & settings".
  4. Now you will be asked for the lock code of the smartphone.
  5. Be aware that by entering this, you will delete all content and settings on the smartphone.
  6. Once the device has been reset, you can set it up again and set a new code.

Forgotten lock code: Gibt es Alternativen?

  1. Laden Sie sich das Programm Pinfinder herunter und installieren Sie es auf Ihrem PC.
  2. Nun verbinden Sie Ihr Smartphone mit dem PC und legen ein Backup mit iTunes an.
  3. Starten Sie den Pinfinder und warten Sie darauf, dass die Software den Code ausgelesen hat.
  4. Angezeigt bekommen Sie den Code dann unter „Restriction Passcode“.

By Oriana

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