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iPhone speaker stops working - what to do?

If you suspect that your iPhone speaker has stopped working, you probably don't hear anything at all on the device or only a hissing sound. Sometimes the problem is smaller than it first appears. Instead of a defect, even a little carelessness can be responsible.

Why doesn't my iPhone speaker work?

If you don't hear any sound at all on your iPhone, if the sound is distorted or if the speakers are rushing, first check your volume settings.
  1. First open the settings. Select "Tones" or "Tones & Haptics".
  2. Then move the volume slider to the right.
  3. If you hear a sound, the speakers are working. Possibly the app in which you do not hear anything is muted. If you hear nothing when talking on the phone, the problem may be the microphone of your conversation partner.
  4. If you hear no sound here, the iPhone speakers do not go.

Check other causes

In addition, there are solutions if the iPhone speaker no longer goes.
  • If your device has a "ring off" switch on the right side, check the position. Move it towards the display to hear tones.
  • Swipe from top to bottom to open the control center. If there is a crossed-out bell icon here, tap it to disable Do Not Disturb mode.
  • Eventually, the sound will be transmitted to a Bluetooth device that is muted. Also disable Bluetooth in the Control Center and check the sounds again.
  • Restart the iPhone and update it.
  • If the sound is unclear, the speakers may be dirty. Clean them with a toothbrush, for example.
  • Remove protective films.
If none of these tips help, there is probably a defect in the speakers.

By Henni Myking

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