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Internet Explorer stops working - that's why

Despite the release of its successor Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer is still one of the most used browsers. If you get the error message "Internet Explorer stopped working" while browsing and the browser crashes, there are several causes that can trigger this problem.

Internet Explorer crashes - these are the sources of errors

Thanks to browser addons, you can enhance Internet Explorer with handy settings. However, faulty addons are often the trigger for browser crashes. Therefore, disable the addons.
  1. Start Internet Explorer.
  2. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner to call up the menu.
  3. There, select the item "Tools" and then "Manage Addons".
  4. Now mark all entries in the addon list and click the "Disable All" button at the bottom right.
  5. Click "Close" to return to the normal browser interface.
If Internet Explorer now works as usual again, you can be sure that an addon was the trigger for the problems. Re-enable the extensions one by one to find out which of the addons is causing the browser to crash.

Reset Browser

If the error still persists, you can try to reset the browser. Before doing so, however, you should export your favorites.
  1. After that, call up the "Internet Options" via the menu.
  2. A new window will open, in which you switch to the "Advanced" tab.
  3. Klicken Sie unten rechts auf „Zurücksetzen…“.
  4. Bestätigen Sie den Vorgang, indem Sie erneut auf „Zurücksetzen“ klicken.
  5. Ist der Prozess abgeschlossen, klicken Sie auf „Schließen“ und starten den Browser neu.

By Lovich

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