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Raft: building a motor - what else is involved? Tips & Info

In the beginning, in Raft, you rely on the power of the wind and thus on your sail. Later, however, you can build a motor and thus determine the direction yourself. We have all the info.

Full speed ahead: with a motorized raft, you no longer need a sail.

With a motor, your raft becomes a ship. However, for this you need to collect some resources and materials.

Raft: engine and more - these things are necessary

First, the look at the central element:
  • For a motor you need five metal bars, five ropes, a circuit board and twenty planks.
But that's not all, because alone the engine is not operational:
  • You can fire the engine using planks as fuel. However, it is better to produce real fuel.
  • This you produce with the biofuel refinery (twelve plastics, ten planks, four ropes, a bolt or hinge).
  • In the refinery you put raw vegetables and honey.
  • In the biofuel tank you can store fuel.
  • With pipes (four scrap per unit) you connect the engines with the fuel tank.
  • Last but not least, the steering wheel is also advisable: This you build with ten scrap, four metal bars, four ropes and two bolts or hinges.
So to be able to move in Raft motorized, some construction work is necessary. Once this is done, you will move forward all the better and more purposefully for it. Important: One motor can drive a maximum of 100 foundations fluidly. If your raft is already larger, you will need another motor. This system goes on and on like this until the maximum of six motors.

By Robinett Prew

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