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Google Stadia: Charging the controller - how it works

Many Stadia users also own the in-house controller. If you're thinking about buying it, we'll tell you how charging works and what options are available.

Hardly any waiting time: USB-C allows for quick charging of the Stadia Controller.

Visually and haptically, the Stadia Controller is considered an all-around success. There are also no complications when charging.

How to charge your Stadia Controller

The Stadia Controller has a USB-C type port on the top:
  • With this you charge the controller via cable.
  • Since USB-C is a widespread standard, it may well be that you already have several suitable cables in the household. After all, USB-C is also used to charge smartphones like Samsung's Galaxy series starting with the S8.
The charging process is thus similar to that of the PlayStation controller or the Xbox controller with battery pack. The Stadia controller does not have removable batteries; the battery is permanently installed and consequently cannot be changed.

By Newmark Jainlett

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