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Zoom Background - how to change the background

You can use Zoom for video calls with friends as well as in the professional field. Using the virtual background, you can choose how your background looks like during the call. Learn how to easily customize the background on Zoom here.

How to change Zoom Background

With Zoom you have the choice between existing backgrounds or the option to add your own background.
  1. Open Zoom and click on the settings menu (cogwheel).
  2. Click on "Background & Filter" and select "Virtual Backgrounds" there. Here you can select an existing background or add a new background yourself.
  3. To add a new background, click on the "Plus" and on "Add Image".
  4. Now you can upload any image by pressing "Open".
  5. If you want to change the background during an ongoing meeting, click on the arrow next to the "End Video" button and there on "Choose virtual background".

Can you use Zoom for free and without an account?

In the basic version you can use Zoom for free. However, for unlimited functionality, you need a paid subscription. If you only want to use Zoom as a participant in a video conference, you can usually even do this without creating an account.

By Ritz

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