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Zoom: Blur background - how to blur the background

On the Zoom platform you can hold video conferences and meetings with colleagues and business partners. In doing so, the application is equipped with numerous useful features and offers you various practical tools to help you collaborate at home -office.

How to use the blur background in Zoom

For use in Zoom, you can change the background image that is displayed to other participants during a meeting. For this purpose, you can use individual images, but also virtual backgrounds. If, on the other hand, you want to blur the background, then you will have to use a few special tricks to do so, since Zoom is not yet equipped with such a feature.
  1. To do this, first take a photo of the blank background that the meeting participants would normally see with you. For this, make sure that the picture is taken in the same position as the webcam would show.
  2. Now use a special tool, such as "Kapwing". There you create a free account and can start directly with it.
  3. After you have logged in, go to "New Project".
  4. Next select "Start with Studio".
  5. After that, click on the next page on "Start with a blank canvas".
  6. Now select "Upload" and upload the appropriate photo there.
  7. Mit der Auswahl „Adjust“ können Sie das Bild nun anpassen.
  8. Unter „Blur“ stellen Sie ein, wie stark verwischt das Bild am Ende sein soll.
  9. Zum Speichern gehen Sie nun auf „Publish“ und laden das Foto am Ende herunter.
  10. Um das Bild nun bei Zoom einzufügen, gehen Sie auf der Plattform auf Ihr Profilbild und anschließend in die „Einstellungen“. Dort wechseln Sie dann zu „virtuelle Hintergründe“.
  11. Folgen Sie dort den Anweisungen und fügen Sie damit das Bild als Ihren Hintergrund ein.

By Libb Scovel

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