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WhatsApp call: data consumption check

Inside the WLAN, the data consumption of all apps is irrelevant. On the road, it's a different story. So the question arises, how is the data consumption with the WhatsApp call.

With WhatsApp, you can call your friends directly in the app and make online calls.

WhatsApp calls are very popular and seem to outrun Skype. The reason is obvious: WhatsApp is installed on the vast majority of smartphones anyway, because most users prefer to network via this messenger. The VoIP call goes quite spontaneously and without any further app installation.

WhatsApp call: data consumption can be a critical factor

When you want to start a WhatsApp call on the go, the data consumption is extremely relevant. The exact data consumption of WhatsApp calls depends on several factors, such as network quality and smartphone. Nevertheless, there are guideline values:
  • If you start a voice call, then WhatsApp consumes about 0.3 MB per minute.
  • So a ten-minute WhatsApp call drops an average of 30 MB.
  • By the way, video telephony is much hungrier: Here you should expect about 5 MB per minute.
  • So a video conference of 20 minutes means a whole 100 MB consumption - for many smartphone tariffs, this means the imminent end of the monthly data volume.
The average data consumption for calls via WhatsApp is good to know if you have already largely exhausted your data volume at the end of the month. Especially if you have no free minutes and also have to pay for the call. It is therefore advisable to wait with the phone call via WhatsApp until you are in a secure WLAN network - whether at home or in public.

By Linea Maxcy

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