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Zoom: Data consumption - this is how much megabytes you use

In times of home office and co. the application "Zoom" is indispensable. With this you can plan conferences and participate in them. Many other features are also available on the platform. Important for the use is an Internet-enabled device as well as a microphone and a webcam.

This is how much data consumption you have with Zoom

To use Zoom, you need an Internet-enabled device. Whether laptop, desktop PC, tablet or cell phone does not matter. However, it should be noted that the use of this platform for video conferencing consumes quite a bit of data. For this reason, it is important to note one or two details before use.
  • In order to participate in a video conference at Zoom, it is recommended to do so via a LAN connection. On the one hand, this is more stable and on the other hand, it will not cost you an additional cent if you have a flat rate.
  • Of course, you can also use a WLAN connection when participating in a conference with your desktop PC, your laptop and with your tablet or smartphone. Here, too, a flat rate is recommended. However, it should be noted that WLAN connections are often subject to interference and do not have the same bandwidth as a LAN connection.
  • Since a lot of data volume is consumed when using "Zoom", especially in a video conference, you should rather not join via mobile data with your smartphone or tablet. Thus, about 4 megabytes are consumed per minute, which means that the mobile data is quickly used up and you then either have to buy data volume or act with throttled speed.

By Kirven Cobo

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