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iPhone 12: Firmware update: How to keep your device up to date

In order to avoid security gaps and to always have your smartphone up to date, a regular firmware update is essential. This will not only provide you with patches for your iPhone 12, but also get new technical features installed directly.

Firmware update for iPhone 12: This will keep you on the safe side

A firmware update is ready to use in just a few steps, but often takes a few minutes during installation and processing. For this reason, it is recommended that you run this update when there is enough time. Most of the time you will receive a notification that an update is possible. You can install it easily by clicking on "Install now". Alternatively, this can also be done manually.
  1. Connect your iPhone 12 for this with the WLAN and connect it to a power source.
  2. Under "Settings" > "General" you will find the tab "Software Update" and then click on it.
  3. Now select "Download and Install".
  4. If the update should be installed immediately, press "Install Now". Otherwise, you can also set the installation to "later", "tonight" or to "remember later".
  5. After a reboot, enter the code and the iOS version of your iPhone 12 is updated and ready to use.

iPhone 12: Automatic Firmware Update

To ensure that updates are performed according to your wishes in the future, you have the option to adjust them manually. For example, you can set the updates to always happen automatically at night or turn them off completely.
  1. Select the tab "Settings".
  2. Then navigate to the item "General".
  3. Now click on the tab "Software Update".
  4. Under "customize automatic updates" you can now adjust the installation behavior according to your wishes.

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By Wanfried Rais

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