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Pokémon GO: XL XS - what does it mean?

If you play Pokémon GO, you have probably already noticed that some of the Pokémon have an XS or XL label in addition to their weight and size. We'll tell you what the abbreviations mean for Pokémon in the following article.

XL and XS: An indication of size and weight in Pokémon GO?

In Pokémon GO, you will find some Pokémon next to the weight or height the information XS and XL. Why some Pokémon have this additional indication, however, is not entirely clear. The obvious answer, that the information refers to the weight and size, is not very likely here. For example, the Pokémon Tauboss, at a height of 1.04 meters, got an XS, while the smaller Mauzi (0.44 meters) has no sign. The situation is similar for Fukano and Traumato, which weigh almost the same, but of which only Fukano has an XL.

Pokémon GO: These theories about the meaning of XL and XS exist

There are several theories about why some Pokémon in Pokémon GO have an XS and XL, respectively.
  1. So on the one hand, it is suspected that Pokémon with an XL have more HP, while Pokémon with an XS come to a higher strength point value.
  2. It is also speculated that XL Pokémon can inflict greater damage on their opponents in battle, where as XS Pokémon are said to be particularly good at dodging.
  3. Another theory relates to the fact that specifying an XL or XS in height or weight has an impact on what rewards you get in the game. Thus, if you catch a lot of Pokémon with label, you will get extra medals.

By Elman

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