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FlashGet: Limit download speed

With FlashGet, similar to JDownloader, you can download multiple files at once on a scheduled basis. This is especially handy if you are downloading something from a file sharing platform. If you want to gamble on your PC at the same time, it may be advisable to throttle the download so that you are not disturbed.

How does FlashGet limit the speed?

FlashGet is a download manager that allows you to perform all your downloads at the same time and manage them temporally. This has the advantage of not using your full internet bandwidth for downloads all the time. But you don't always have to start a limited number of downloads, you can also simply limit the download speed.
  1. Open FlashGet or switch to the plugin's interface in your browser.
  2. Now click on the small gear to open the settings. Can you not find the gear, open the settings via "Tools" > "Options".
  3. Here you click on the tab "Connections". Further down you will now find the section "Connection Type/Speed".
  4. Here you can now specify the maximum speed in bits per second. For torrent download, you must set a limit in the BT menu.
If FlashGet is too complicated for you, you can also alternatively fall back on the JDownloader. This offers the same functions and can be used similarly to manage downloads.

By Magdalene

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