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WhatsApp: Tag users - how to talk to someone

WhatsApp offers many features that make chatting with your contacts even more exciting. You can send emoticons, pictures and videos, even setting up a group chat is possible. If you want to address a specific contact in a group chat, tag them.

How to tag a user in a chat

In WhatsApp, you can open a chat with all contacts to write or share various media such as pictures and videos. Moreover, there is an option to start a group chat where you can write with several friends at the same time. To address a person directly within this chat, it is possible to tag them. The tag function was only added to WhatsApp in 2016 and is very similar to the way it works on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  1. First, go to the group chat in which you want to tag a user.
  2. Then add an "@" sign in the text field.
  3. Now you will see all the user names that are within the group chat in the bar above the text field. Alternativ fügen Sie den Namen des Kontakts manuell ein.
  4. Schreiben Sie anschließend die gewünschte Nachricht und senden Sie sie ab.
  5. Der Nutzer wird nun mit einer blauen Schrift gekennzeichnet und erhält zudem eine Benachrichtigung darüber, dass er eine Nachricht erhalten hat.
  6. Die Nachricht kann jedoch von jedem innerhalb des Gruppenchats gelesen werden.

By Elvyn Hueck

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