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Battle.net: Change tag - here's how and what you should know

Blizzard counts many millions of players on its central platform. That makes it all the more important to know your Battle.net tag. In addition, it is possible to change it. We explain what is to be considered thereby.

The tag change for your Battle.net account is possible at any time, but only once for free.

The Battle.net tag is officially called BattleTag, as used below.

Battle.net: Tag change only once for free

Your BattleTag is made up of your account name, a hashtag, and several numbers. An example of this would be "WoWSpieler#1919". If you want to change your BattleTag, you should know the rules for this:
  • You cannot manually select the sequence of numbers; it is always generated automatically.
  • You can only change the name that is in front. This is possible here.
  • The first change is possible free of charge. Further changes cost 10 euros each, as shown on this page.
That is why: Use the first change as well as possible to avoid further changes ideally.

By Devin Quails

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