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Google Stadia: Is there VR support? We explain

VR gaming is slowly but steadily moving forward and reaching more and more gamers. The same is true for Google Stadia's gaming cloud. Find out from us if there is VR support for Stadia.

No virtual cloud reality for the time being: there is currently no VR support for Stadia.

The technical requirements for an innovation like Stadia should not be underestimated, even if it is "only" about bandwidth on the players' side.

Google Stadia: No VR support for now

For this reason, the question of VR support is quickly answered at the moment:
  • Stadia is not capable of VR - and will remain so for the time being.
  • The data transfer would still be significantly increased by VR content and for now the optimization of normal content has priority.
  • However, there is room for speculation that Google will one day think about its own VR solution for Stadia. After all, a patent for a VR goggle from Google already exists.
As long as nothing is confirmed in this direction, however, the basis for the rumors is quite thin. Stadia players and those who still want to be, so for now have to be content with the other benefits of cloud gaming.

By Cartie

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